How to Begin Moving

How Do I Start Moving?

We are often asked, where do I start?  Whether you are moving or helping to move a senior you love, moves always start with sorting. We like to pick a room or area that is not used heavily nor does it have a lot of emotion attached to it.  Great candidates are commonly second bedrooms, formal living rooms, or an outside shed.


To prepare to move, we start sorting with three categories: 

  • Take With Us
  • Sell or Donate
  • Recycle or Trash

Systematically we like to begin in one area of the room and work our way around, putting items into one of these three categories.   If we get stuck in an area, it is totally ok to move to a different part of the room or even a different space.  The important thing is to begin the decision-making process.  We find that once our clients begin to sort, the decisions come quicker.  Everyone has a priority and value system associated with their items.  We want our clients to honor their values and make decisions that are right for them.  If the move is a downsizing project, we help this process by asking questions about how items are used, what memories they hold, and offer choices of which item is more meaningful to them.

By starting with a room with low emotional triggers, we find our clients get comfortable categorizing their home items.  It is a whole lot easier to sort office supplies then kitchen items their mother had used.  By establishing a pattern of decision-making, sorting happens easier.   This allows us to successfully move to other areas of the home that may present increased difficulty parting with items.   When we find items that won’t fit in their new space but are very difficult to say goodbye to, we talk about ways to preserve those memories.  Creating a picture book of their treasures can go a long way in keeping those memories yet taking up little space.

As they are identified, we pack the items in the first category – take with us.   This gives us a jump start towards moving day.  By focusing on areas that are not heavily used, we can pack items that will not be needed before the move.  This helps streamline the process of moving preparation.   Items to sell or donate get advertised or a charity is identified.  Time is a key consideration to this part of the move.  The more time we have before the move to re-home items translates to finding more options.  This can help you realize financial benefits or the satisfaction that your items are being well used in their net home.  Lastly, the trash and recycling items are addressed appropriately.

Sorting to begin the moving process is a great place to start!


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